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Design Brilliant Digital Presentations Plus

Suggested price:  1.397,00

This course is offered on a ‘Name Your Price’ basis with a minimum of €997,- , an open maximum and a suggestive price of €1397,-. To support you in your decision making, please scroll down to the description box below and read the aspects you can take in consideration. In all circumstances VAT is 0% or not applicable. If you want to pay in instalments, please send me and email at

Minimum price:  997,00


In the past years I have invested a lot of time, energy and dedication into developing my work to really meet the learning needs of my audience. I have come to understand that everyone has their own ever changing spot on the learning curve and taking courses meets various needs to different extends. The resources accessible to support that learning process vary for my audience – mostly professionals in the field of Empathic or Nonviolent Communication in all parts of the world.

Your contribution to this course enables me to develop my work further, reach Empathic or Nonviolent Communication trainers in different parts of the world and make my courses available to an audience with a large variety of available resources and learning needs, goals and possibilities.


  • Your (learning) needs and the extend to which you like to fulfil them through participating in this course and receiving 12 months of coaching to integrate your new skills.
  • The resources you can gather to invest into your (professional) skills.
  • Consider that resources may also be available to you through people in your network who are willing to support your professional development or your work in bringing Empathic or Nonviolent Communication into the world.
  • What are the goals for you in regards to becoming visually empathic, create flipcharts and other visual tools in your training programs? What difference does it make in your life (fun, play, creativity, clarity, effectiveness, inspiration, self-expression, growth, authenticity, connection, …) and of the people who get to learn from you (engagement, being seen, being understood, hope, presence, learning, creativity, fun, play, focus, clarity, support, understanding, …)?
  • The possibility of contributing to my needs of stability, being seen, mattering, trust, interdependence and mutual recognition.
  • The hope I have that you wish to meet your needs for contribution, fairness, integrity, and interdependence, in a way that feels expansive and light for you.

I like to trust that we can hold each others needs with mutual care and understanding. If you want to have a conversation with me about this, please reach out to me by sending an email to


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